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– Cylinder Diameter : 3.75”,  4”
– Net Weight : 400kg
– Needle : 72N~200N
– RPM(Max) : 320 RPM
– Air compressor output : 0.6kw
– Servo motor : 0.9kw
– For machine : 220~440V / 3Phase / 60Hz, 50Hz
– Ring blower : 1.1kw
– Control box : 0.7kw
– Floorspace : L1600 * W1500 * H2500mm
– Packing size : L1070 * W1120 * H1820mm

Technical certification

Applied a patent – No.20060077967
Acquired the approval of CE

ISO 9001,14001

Major Features

  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) function.
    – In the event that power is turned off, the controller supplies power till a motor stops.
    – When power is available again, the works before power cut can be recovered during a month due to the function of work storage.
  • It is possible to designate knitting of maximum 4 different kinds using a controller.
  • The self-diagnosis function of memory and CPU
  • It is available to set up the position and frequency of oil supply by the oiler.
  • Easy programming to know the motion of the cams with WINDOWS connection program.
  • It is possible to perform the pattern work of 16 colors including the ground color at the same process using 6 actuators equipped with 16 steps.
  • Electronic air system of lines, patters and 14 color yarn fingers.
  • Two patterns can be knitted in turn.


  • Rubber stepping motors maintain the constant tension, as stepping motors are used.
  • Supplying electric power by servo motors, cylinder rotation as well as the vibration and noise of machines are removed and the abrasion of gear is prevented.
  • Stepping motors precisely maintain the vertical motion of cylinders.
  • Mounting the transformer available 220V ~ 440V
  • Adjusting the up and down movement of “Dial Bed Cover” with a button.
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