Production Processes of Sock

– Recommendation of Yarn Suitable for Raw Material (Product)

Using outer yarn

Cotton yarn : 30s 2 strands is generally used for 84N~168N (Ladies/Children)
Cotton yarn : 20s~60s single strand is generally used for 176N~200N
Spandex covering yarn : 20/75D, 30/75D, 40/75D are generally used.
Polyester yarn : 70/1, 100/1, 70/2, 100/2, 150/2 are generally used.

Using inner yarn

Spandex or Nylon 100/1 are generally used.

Using pattern

In case of putting pattern shapes, polyester yarn 150/2 is generally used.

Ankle bands

Elastic Covering yarn : For 84N~168N, #70 is generally used.
Elastic Covering yarn : For 176N~200N, #110 is generally used.

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